Pay a one-time joining fee + monthly membership fee. (The price will vary depending on the membership plan chosen by the individual)


Complete RYA training with our in-house Xclusive Sea School and receive an international boating licence.


If you are new to boating you will need to complete our compulsory in-house familiarization training which will make you confident in operating any type of boat.


Access our fleet of well maintained boats as often as you like and book slots through the online booking portal, with weekend availability.


We are transparent about how we are capable of offering this – we limit our membership in relation to the number of boats we have, and each member is only allowed to make 1 booking on the weekend to offer a fair usage policy. E.g. If we have 10 boats and 6 booking slots on Saturday & Sunday (morning, afternoon, evening), then we have a total of 60 slots on the weekend. As we limit our membership, this allows us to offer every single member a booking on the weekend.

We offer 2 advanced bookings only instead of 3 or 4. This might sound like less value, but our main priority is to make sure our members always have availability (explained above) and also to make sure that our members get the type of boat they are looking for. If members have too many advanced bookings, then they tend to lock up their favorite boat for consecutive weekends, which is unfair for other members. Having less advanced bookings opens up the schedule and you will see a lot more availability on short notice. If you are still skeptical please ask one of our sales representatives to show you our booking system, we are extremely transparent, and we will happily show you that this is very effective.

No hidden registration, berthing, maintenance, storage or cleaning costs

Convenient location for departures in Dubai Marina with easy access to the marina

No penalty for cancellation after completing 6 months plus 1 month notice.

Reserve up to 2 future rolling bookings, and enjoy easy online access to our entire fleet


  1. Schedule a viewing with one of our company representatives to view the boats and understand the process, how it works, our culture, booking system and boat availability.
  2. Pay the joining fee + first month/quarter/yearly membership fee.
  3. Schedule your RYA powerboat level 2 training session at your preferred slot/date and get your DMCA approved boating license in 2 days.
  4. Log into our website and select the boat of your choice, and the time that best suits you.
  5. On the booked day, the boat will be ready for you. Just arrive on time and enjoy driving with friends and family.


  • Respect the weather. Our team will notify you of any weather warning that might affect your trip. However, we would require you to immediately return to the Marina if conditions become unsafe

  • All members should have a valid DMCA driving licence, it is mandatory to acquire a DMCA license to operate a boat in Dubai.

  • Please be on time, our staff will be as flexible as possible with any time constraints to assure a seamless trip.

  • Respect our fleet and keep our vessels clean.

  • Members should not exceed the capacity of the boat.

  • Please do not dump garbage into the sea.

  • Members under the influence of alcohol are prohibited from driving the vessel. Please note that any member that is caught drinking and driving will be found in breach of their contract.

  • Please treat our staff with respect and notify the management if our staff do not address your concerns.

  • Members are required to comply with all local laws regarding the safe operation of a water vehicle.

  • No coal or any kind of burning source will be allowed on board our vessels.

  • No smoking is allowed inside the cabin area.

  • Anchorage is only allowed at permitted zones.

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