Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to indulge in boating adventures and hone the hidden boat captainwithin you. With almost year-round sunshine, little rainfall, and near-perfect winter temperatures, there’s so much to discover around its surrounding islands. To name a few of these islands; Al Lulu Island, Al Reem Island, the popular mangrove island Al Jubail. These Islands are very rich with wildlife and have become a sanctuary of these migratory birds, Greater Spotted Eagle, Flamingos, and the Western Reef Heron. If you get lucky you’ll witness green turtles and bottlenose dolphins in the wild for free! These rare wildlife creatures and so much more to uncover.

With that being said, these Islands can fully be accessed through boating. What if you don’t own a boat? I’d say you will definitely miss your chance. Don’t fret, there’s good news for non-boat owners. Abu Dhabi Xclusive captain club can give you full access to a brand new fleet of boats. We have boats ranging from pontoons to sports boats and fishing boats. You can become your own captain by joining the Xclusive Boat captain club.

Xclusive Yachts Abu Dhabi captain club gives you the opportunity to become part of the captain club. Don’t worry the cost is not that high compared to owning a boat. As little as AE1500 per month, you will become a certified boat captain. Although it is nice to captain a boat of your own, it does not come cheap. Apart from that, you can drive one type of boat unless you buy more.

Abu Dhabi captain club gives you more options and allows you to enjoy being a captain without worrying about the cost of maintaining the boat. You can literally just come, drive and enjoy being a captain with your family and friends. At the end of your trip, you can just leave the boat to the caring hands of our team.

Boating in Abu Dhabi and discovering what lurks into the islands reachable only by boat will never be this easy. From registering the boat to getting your permit to access the said islands will be taken care of. What better way to escape the buzzing city and relax away from the mob of people especially at this time of the pandemic. Join Xclusive Abu Dhabi boats and captain club today and enjoy the limitless opportunities in discovering the small islands of Abu Dhabi.

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